A variety of field data, that are required for model parameterisation, implementation and evaluation are being collected. These various data include that collected at both low flow (dry season) and high flow (flood seasons) in 2013 & 2014, and will comprise:

  1. reach scale (220km) bathymetry, using single beam echo sounding (SBES) surveys tied to accurate differential GPS,
  2. flow discharge and flow velocity structure with cross-sectional distributions of flow, using acoustic Doppler current profilers,
  3. near bank form roughness, bedload transport (via bedform tracking), and changes in bed & bank topography obtained using high-resolution Multibeam Echo Sounding (MBES) surveys, and
  4. suspended sediment fluxes will also be obtained through
    1. calibration of the acoustic instruments to direct samples and,
    2. continuous monitoring of suspended load with a turbidity sensor placed at the outlet of the reach throughout the duration of the project
ADCP and MBES measurements are integral to the STELAR project.